Friday, April 4, 2008

On The Radio

On Thursday, April 3, 2008, I appeared as a guest on the Radio Show "Your Health Matters" on WKXL 1450 AM. The topic for the show was "Divorce and your Mental Health." I discussed the various aspects of a divorce and how effective legal representation during this process is a comfort to many. My colleague, Jennifer Casey, Ph.D. also appeared to speak about mental health issues common to people going through a divorce.

Unquestionably, divorce brings significant stress to a person's life. Not only is the person’s marriage ending, he or she may be involved in extended litigation regarding children, finances, and property. As Dr. Casey explained, even people who have never experienced any mental health issues in the past often have a need to enter therapy as a result of a divorce. To make matters worse, most people are unfamiliar with the laws governing divorces and the courtroom procedure. During the show, I emphasized how the involvement of a qualified divorce lawyer can alleviate some of the stress one experiences during this time.

Much of the law and procedure surrounding divorce in New Hampshire is a mystery to the average married person. During the breaks in the show, the host and I discussed some misconceptions in the law. For example, it is a common misconception that alimony is prohibited in New Hampshire. Another is the assumption that in a parenting dispute, Mom will receive primary parenting responsibility (formerly "custody") of the children because she is a woman. These misconceptions demonstrate the need for more public awareness and education regarding both parties' and children’s rights in a divorce or a parenting dispute.
I am pleased to have been a part of this radio program, and hope that the listeners were able to learn something new about New Hamsphire's divorce law.

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